Club Activities :

The STPCE offers its Student teachers much more than mere academic pursuits and lets them explore, intrude paths that would lead them on to unseen spectacle of experience. The college has clubs that are geared to specific pursuits, targeting all students, and ensuring their active involvement, of which five are class associations, of which the concerned optional Student teachers are members.

  1. Eco Club
    The aim of this club is to acquaint Student teachers with nature, and develop true love for nature. The Student teachers from the natural science are the members of the club. The various activities include planting medicinal plants, celebrate days related to the protection of nature, quiz competitions etc.

  2. Nature Club
    The club was built to bring out awareness of nature in student teachers. The main objectives are ‘Development of conservational attitude towards nature, keep college premises clean and beautiful, keep the college updated about the changing fields of environmental study, Be the Student teachers representatives to the citizens, with an urge to be environmentally sound, organize exhibitions, shows, competitions and seminars to inculcate consciousness about nature.

  3. Psychology Club (Mind Garden club)
    The aim of this club is to empower mind of people in general and of the Student teachers in particular. Removal of exam anxiety in students, development of mental health, life skill education, Assistance of mentally retarded Student teachers in learning, personality development programmes etc., are some of the major activities of the club.

  4. Health Club
    It aims at developing health awareness in the contemporary society. Blood group detection camp, conducting health awareness programmes…

  5. Mathematics Club
    The Student teachers of the mathematics are the members of the club. The various activities of the club are quiz competition, preparation of manuscript magazine, exhibition and seminars etc.

  6. Science Club
    It is a science body; the main aim of our club is to make scientific interest in student teachers. Also the club aims to build a society with a highly developed scientific culture. This club is formed of Student teachers having scientific attitude from any subject background. Field visit, discussions, seminars; quiz, exhibitions etc are the major programmes.

  7. Language Club
    As part of the language club, literary activities like debate, speech, day celebrations and poster exhibitions etc are proposed to be conducted during the coming days. Student teachers of English and Kannada method method student teachers are the members of this club.

  8. Social Science club
    The main aim of the club is to promote integrated activities among various subjects constituting social science. The major activities are field trips, seminars, quiz competitions, debates, social awareness programs, workshops etc.

  9. Computer Club
    The club is formed to understand and propagate computer as an interactive, participative and non linear medium, especially to provide new educational experience to each and every students.

  10. Extension club
    The motto of our club is to ‘serve others’. Palliative care and helping inmates of nearby orphanages are routine part of our extension activity. Majority of our extension activities are organized on the basis of assessment of needs of the locality.


H. S. Palaksha Murthy


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