Examination :





7. Soft-core courses
Each student teacher shall take any two soft courses of teaching school subjects for 1st and 2nd semester based on the subjects studied at UG and PG level.

I Semester& II semester

7.1            Content and pedagogy of Kannada
7.2            Content and pedagogy of English
7.3            Content and pedagogy of Hindi
7.4            Content and pedagogy of Urdu
7.5            Content and pedagogy of Social Science
7.6            Content and pedagogy of Biological Science
7.7            Content and pedagogy of Physical Science
7.8            Content and pedagogy of Mathematics
7.9            Content and pedagogy of Commerce
7.10       Content and pedagogy of Computer Technology
7.11       Content and pedagogy of Management and Business studies
7.12       Content and pedagogy of Home Science

8  Open Elective Courses
Student teacher shall take any one of the following open Elective courses during the II semester.

8.1            Guidance and Counseling
8.2            Life skills Education
8.3            Value Education
8.4            Education for peace
8.5            Inclusive Education

9. Internal Assessment

9.1            The internal assessment marks shall be based on attendance, tests, seminars, assignments and practical/ Practicum.
9.2            The Internal assessment marks shall be communicated to the Registrar (Evaluation) at least 10 days before the commencement of the University examinations and the Registrar (Evaluation) shall have access to the records of such periodical assessments.

10 Registrations for Examinations
A candidate shall register for all the papers of a semester when he/she appears for the examination of that semester for the first time.

11. Conduct of Practical Examination

11.1       The university shall conduct Practical Examination with the help of “Practical Examination Boards” approved by the Chairman, Board of Examiners. Each Practical Examination Board shall consist of two members i.e., one from the B.Ed. College and the other from practicing school.

11.2       A Method teacher with a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience at B.Ed. level and Headmaster/Headmistress or a Teacher with 10 years of teaching experience from the practicing school can be an examiner for practical examination. The marks awarded to the student shall be average of the marks awarded by the examiner 1 and 2, for each method of teaching.

12. Community living camp & Study Tour

12.1 Each student –teacher has to compulsorily participate and submit a report on his participation in a 3 days community living camp exclusively conducted at a rural place by the college. The CLC should aim at fostering qualities like collective work, co-operative living, fellow feeling, like-minded towards rural culture etc., among student- teachers. The college shall arrange to have such activities in CLC that foster the above orientations. Student-teacher must compulsorily participate in CLC.

12.2 Institution should conduct an excursion for a minimum period of 3 days to visit places of educational, historical, cultural and scientific importance. Each student-teacher must compulsorily take part in the excursion and submit a report to the college.

13. Declaration of Results

A student -teacher should obtain a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate of Hardcore Courses, Soft Core Courses & Open Electives Course in the First & Second semester examination separately to pass the examination.

13.2   A candidate who has failed in the First Semester may be allowed in the Second Semester to write the first semester failed papers together with second semester examination. The candidate who has failed in the Second semester may be allowed to write examination in the First Semester of the next academic year. But, such of the repeaters do not have the benefit of declaring the result in class though the total aggregate marks are equal or more than the marks fixed for the first class.

13.3A candidate who fails in the first and/ or second semester examination has to clear in 3 subsequent years to obtain the passing certificate in B.Ed. semester course provided he/she has secured minimum 50% of marks in aggregate of Hard Core, Soft Core & Open Electives courses.

14. Classification of Successful Candidates
The results of successful candidates at the end of First & Second semesters shall be classified on the basis of aggregate percentage of marks obtained in both the semesters and the aggregate or cumulative grade point average (CGPA) for the award of Bachelor of Education.

15. Declaration of classes on the basis of Percentage of Aggregate Marks

First Class with Distinction

70.01% and above (A+, A++ or O)

First Class

60.01% and above but less than 70% (A)

Second Class

55.01% and above but less than 60% (B+)

Pass Class

50% and above but less than 55% (B)

15.1 Each semester result shall also be declared in terms of grades. A six point grading system which based on the actual absolute marks scored and alpha-sign grade as described below shall be adopted.

% Marks
















Grade Point







15.2 The semester Grade point Average shall be computed by dividing the sum of the Grade Point weights (GPW) of all the subjects of study by the maximum credits for the semester .The Grade Point Weights are intern calculated as the product of the grade points earned in the subject and the credits assigned to that subject, The maximum total marks in a subject of study is 100, while the credit assigned is 4.

15.3The Aggregate or Cumulative Grade Pont Average (CGPA) at the end of the I and II semester examination shall be calculated as the weighted average of the semester grade point averages. The CGPA is obtained by dividing the total of semester credit weightages by the maximum credits for the program.

15.4       The candidates who pass First and Second semester examination in the first attempts in one academic year are eligible for ranks provided they secure 60 % and above marks or at least an alpha sign Grade A.

16. Rejection of Results
16.1       A
candidate may be permitted to reject the result of the whole examination of any semester. Rejection of result paper wise/subject wise shall not be permitted. The candidate who has rejected the result shall appear for the immediately following examination.

16.2       The rejection shall be exercised only once in each semester and the rejection once exercised cannot be revoked.

16.3       Application for rejection along with the payment of the prescribed fee shall be submitted to the Registrar (Evaluation) through the college of study together with the original statement of marks within 30 days from the date of publication of the result.

16.4       A candidate who rejects the result is eligible for only class and not for ranking.

17. Academic Monitoring Committee
The university shall constitute an academic committee to monitor curricular and co-curricular activities conducted by the colleges of education affiliated to the Bangalore university. The Vice-Chancellor shall constitute the committee comprising members from colleges of education affiliated to Bangalore University & Department of Education on the basis of rotation and seniority. However the number of members shall not exceed seven including the chairman. This committee shall monitor the activities of both the semesters in an academic year.

18 .Power to remove difficulties
If any difficulty arises in giving effect to the provisions of these regulations, the Vice-Chancellor may by order make such provisions not inconsistent with the Act, Statutes, Ordinances or other regulations, as appears to be necessary or expedient to remove the difficulty. Every order made under this rule shall be subject to ratification by the Appropriate University Authorities.

19 Repeal and Savings
The existing regulations governing one year Bachelors degree in education shall stand repealed. However, the above regulations shall continue to be in force for the students who have been admitted to the course before the enforcement of these regulations.


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